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I’m fairly sure cars were supposed to be flying by now, but instead we’ve managed something else that would have felt like science fiction a decade ago: playing Xbox games on your fridge. That’s right, someone has managed to get Microsoft’s xCloud service running on a Samsung smart fridge.

Instagram user Richard Mallard has managed this feat of modern engineering, sideloading the Android version of the Xbox Game Pass app onto his fridge. The app runs in portrait mode on Samsung’s smart fridge, but games appear at the correct aspect ratio alongside cheese, beers, and whatever other essentials you store in a fridge.

Keeping with the tradition of running Doom games on unusual hardware, Mallard picked Doom Eternal, a modern installment in the series. We’ve even seen Doom running inside Minecraft recently. Doom Eternal is also the first first game to arrive on Xbox Game Pass following Microsoft’s acquisition

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If you know, you know, but if you’re discovering the game on Xbox Game Pass then the Doom Eternal computer password will be something you find when you explore the Fortress of Doom. And immediately spend ages trying to work out. Fortunately there’s not a hugely convoluted challenge to finding out what the code actually – you just need to know some really obscure Doom lore to unearth to know about an Easter egg computer pass word and unlock the computer. 

a desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a desk: Doom Eternal computer password code

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Doom Eternal computer password code

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What is the Doom Eternal computer password?

To access what’s behind the Doom Eternal computer password you’ll need to type in the code ‘FLYNNTAGGART’. Which, for those not up on their Doom lore, is the name of Doom Guy in the old 1995

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