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Quantum computing company D-Wave has doubled the scale of its cloud-based computing platform and said it is already solving real-world problems in minutes that would take traditional computers a whole day of number crunching.

D-Wave, through a service called Leap, grants developers access to a cloud-based quantum processor that can be used to test and trial applications in real-time. 

In the previous iteration of Leap, the quantum processor was 2,000-qubits strong, with each qubit capable of connecting to six other qubits. D-Wave has more than doubled the performance of the technology: Advantage’s quantum processor – which is available through the Leap platform – boasts 5,000 qubits, and each qubit can connect to 15 others. In other words, programmers will have access to a much larger graph to build their quantum applications.

As part of Leap, developers can also use a feature called the hybrid solver service (HSS), which combines both

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