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CONNECTICUT — Connecticut will soon get around 69,000 new Abbott Labs rapid coronavirus test kits from the federal government. They could be a potential game-changer for helping to avoid unnecessary school closures, especially as the state enters the late fall and winter months when colds and other respiratory infections are more common.

The rapid tests can be done on-site and give results in 15 minutes.

Connecticut will also roll out the Apple/Google developed contact tracing app as another tool to help reduce coronavirus transmission.

The federal government is buying all of Abbott’s capacity for 150 million tests over the next few months to help encourage schools to get students back into the classroom. Connecticut will get around 1 million test kits over the next few months, Gov. Ned Lamont said.

“It means perhaps you don’t have to quarantine because we’ll be able to tell you that was the sniffles, that’s

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