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Simbe Robotics, a developer of grocery store inventory robots, today announced it has inked a deal with Schnucks Markets to roll out robots to over 100 supermarkets across the U.S. In 15 Missouri and Illinois pilots during the pandemic, Simbe claims its robots have sped up inventory and replenishment by 14 times at Schnucks locations while minimizing the number of workers in the aisles, reducing out-of-stock incidents by 20%.

Robots are coming for the grocery aisle, promising to save storeowners time by inventorying stock quickly and accurately. Research and Markets anticipates that the global brick-and-mortar automation market will be worth close to $18.9 million by 2023, which some analysts say could cut down on the billions of dollars in lost revenue traced to misplaced and erroneously priced items. Robots also have the benefit of promoting contactless, physically distant shopping and work environments. A July survey by researchers at Pompeu Fabra

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