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The Internet Jungle Book

May 4, 2020 | internet | No Comments

The internet is like a vast jungle full of social media trees and interesting inhabitants, such as web surfers, social media harvesters, and the dreadful trolls.

This jungle has many kings, each having his own lion’s share of the territory. Aspiring ‘cubs’ aim to become like them someday, when their business will be roaring loud and the fruit of the trees will be dropped at their paws. Others may be a little weary, seeing this jungle as a dangerous place that may throw unexpected challenges at them. It is indeed a harsh place, and sometimes it’s quite a competition out there when the kings begin to challenge each other in order to get the most attention.

Beginner entrepreneurs may wonder how to dominate territories in this complex jungle. They may even wonder why they need to do so. The answer is pretty simple: the internet is the best medium to … Read More