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A Batman -style gadget designed to lasso a suspects’ legs together is being tested for use by British police.

The BolaWrap is a handheld device that fires a kevlar cord at 513ft per second which tangles around targets from up to 25ft away.

It is intended to allow officers to immobilise suspects without having to resort to force and could be used instead of the taser.

a close up of some shoes: The BolaWrap discharges an 8-foot tether which tangles around a suspect's legs

The BolaWrap discharges an 8-foot tether which tangles around a suspect’s legs

A demonstrated was given to forces from across the UK at the Royal College of Policing last year.

Tom Smith, president of Wrap Technologies which produces the gadget, said: “I had a meeting with the Home Office this week. UK police are looking at it at a national level.”

Smith said the device’s 160 decibel noise exceeds UK health and safety limits. His team is working on making the device

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Unity Software’s  (U) – Get Report “growth story has legs,” according to an analyst from D.A. Davidson, who initiated coverage of the game-development-engine company with a buy rating and a $100 price target.

Shares of the San Francisco company at last check were up 2.2% to $85. The price target indicates 20% upside from Thursday’s closing price at $83.20.

Analyst Franco Granda said in a note to clients that “we expect a meaningful revenue ramp in the years ahead.”

Unity currently dominates the mobile-gaming market, which is the largest piece of the overall gaming market and the fastest growing one, Granda said. 

The analyst said Unity “has earned this pole-market-share position thanks to its vast creative tools for 2D/3D graphics rendering, cost, and ease of use.”

“We like Unity for four reasons: exposure to the entire gaming market; significant growth opportunities in applications beyond gaming; a hybrid revenue

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