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Ekto VR thinks it might have just solved VR locomotion.

The Pittsburgh-based company has revealed its first product: the Ekto One. It’s a pair of robotic boots that the company claims are capable of keeping you in one spot while you walk forward. There’s no simulating walking on the spot or strapping yourself into a VR treadmill. Check it out working with Half-Life: Alyx in the above video.

The shoes use a carbon-fiber design that Ekto says is lightweight and use HTC’s Vive Tracker pucks to track movement in VR. On the bottom of the device are two rotating plates that can twist to the direction the user is walking in. Once they put their foot on the ground, a set of wheels pull your leg back while you walk forward, supposedly giving the sensation of walking, but keeping you in one spot. It uses brakes for when you’re standing

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