Which is the best American city for foodies?

New York? Los Angeles? Austin?

Think again.

The website Apartmentguide crunched some numbers and arrived at Rochester’s food scene as number four in the country, behind Miami; Berkeley, Calif.; and Pittsburgh.

To arrived at its rankings, it calculated the number of restaurants per capita; restaurant density per square mile; and percentage of non-chain restaurants. Rochester ranked 11th, 15th and 41st, respectively, among cities with populations over 100,000.

The website described Rochester’s food scene as serving up regional upstate dishes including Buffalo’s “weck and wings,” Utica’s tomato pie and Syracuse’s salt potatoes. 

“But what stands out in Rochester cuisine annals is local favorite the garbage plate,” it said, and offered a close-to-correct description of the Plate and places to get one. (Nick Tahou’s trademarked the name, so technically, it’s the only place that serves a Garbage Plate.)

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Nick Tahou’s garbage