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Verizon is stepping up its 5G efforts. The company has announced the rollout of its “nationwide” 5G network, which finally does away with the idea that its 5G network relies entirely on mmWave “ultra wideband” frequencies, and embraces the much more reliable Sub-6 networks that other carriers have been using.

According to Verizon, the new rollout will cover over 200 million people in 1,800 cities across the country. But there are a few caveats to the launch. Namely, there’s no guarantee that you’ll experience faster speeds on 5G than on 4G. In fact, it’s likely you won’t.

When Verizon first started launching its 5G network, it relied exclusively on mmWave tech that delivered fast speeds in very small, concentrated areas. Those networks are unreliable at best, and unusable at worst. To launch its new nationwide 5G network, Verizon is using a technology called Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, or DSS, which essentially

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Millions of Americans on low-income, including those receiving unemployment benefits amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, may qualify to receive a free smartphone, in addition to free cell service, under a new government partnership with TruConnect, a nationwide wireless service provider.

TruConnect has partnered with Lifeline, a government program offering affordable wireless service to low-income customers launched by President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, which most Americans don’t know about, according to the co-founder and chief executive officer of TruConnect, Matthew Johnson.

TruConnect’s free service includes “talk, text, and 3GB of data each month plus free international calling to select countries. You may even qualify for a free 5″ LTE Android smartphone,” the company website states.

Johnson told California’s KTLA: “Currently, there are roughly 30 to 40 million people who don’t have access to high-speed internet and that’s only increased recently with the issues due to COVID-19.

“Across the U.S., the

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