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The two-step is familiar at this point. Wearyingly so. Shaky cellphone video of someone, usually a white someone, imagining that they’ve been elected ruler of the BBQ pits, the dog run, the sidewalk, your house or any admixture of public and private spaces, questioning the videographer’s right to exist within the aforementioned space.

The videographer, often a person of color, more often than not protests, but does so well aware of the footage they’re getting: internet gold in the cinema of BusyBodyism.

Then there is the grand premiere and the consequent climb to the top of the Twitterverse. Public protestation of innocence, denial of racist intent. Apology (possibly) forthcoming. Job loss, not always inevitable, but often probable. And there we have it, the life cycle of modern busybodyism.

It’s a perfect storm of know-nothingism and just a general, always-on level of hostility. Which, incidentally, closely frames our current political life

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