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Top Ski Gadgets for Kids

May 4, 2020 | gadget | No Comments

Skiing is an activity that is difficult at the best of times but for those who may be slightly younger or less experienced it can be a real challenge to learn and get to grips with life on the powder. Thankfully, the ski world recognises this and has come up with a series of nifty gadget solutions to nearly every kind of problem skiing can throw at children. Here’s a list of some of the best:


This ingenious device is great for adults as well as kids. By attaching wheels to the bottom of skis via a Velcro fastening, children as young as five are able to pull their skis along effortlessly behind them.

SKBoot Rolling Bag

In a similar vein, the SKBoot Rolling Bag is the pull-along luggage that kids can use and is specially designed to fit ski boots and a helmet. Anyone who has been on … Read More