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a woman sitting on a chair: How to send photos or other files on Skype using a computer or mobile device

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How to send photos or other files on Skype using a computer or mobile device

  • You can send any kind of file using Skype on your desktop. On your phone, you can only send photos.
  • To send files on the Skype desktop app, you can simply drag files into the app.
  • Skype has a 300 MB limit on files that can be shared.

Skype makes it easy to share files with your contacts, whether you’re in a chat, conference, or call. On a desktop computer, you can share any kind of file, but if you’re using a phone, your options are more limited.

How to send files on Skype using the desktop app

Open the Skype app and begin a text chat with the person you want to share a file with.

There are two ways to share the file:

  • Find the file on your desktop
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Benefits of Skype Technology

May 5, 2020 | technology | No Comments

World Wide Web and other latest technologies have made the world shrink and have brought all the countries under one umbrella, that is, on one global platform. One such technology is the Skype technology. It has not only benefited immensely to business persons but has also contributed towards maintaining long distance relationships! All you need is an internet connection, a decent broadband connection, and Skype headphones to get started.

Whether it is your son or daughter living in a foreign country, or is it a long distance love relationship or your sibling settled in a far away land, software like Skype keeps you in very close contact from any part of the world.

Skype is a computer software through which you can make free voice calls over the internet to any other Skype user, located in any corner of the globe! The software can be downloaded for free from the … Read More