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I maintain my macbook pro(2010, 6,2, OS X10.95) with Disk Warrior and Drive Genius, clear the cookie cache regularly, using task manager in Chrome to lean out CPU load, use Memory Clean during heavy browser loads, and Apple’s Disk Utility to repair permissions. I have done all the “troubleshooting” tricks in the internet for speeding up performance to no avail. As the machine has gotten older it heats up faster and slows down more quickly.

Recently it started failing to boot, just shutting down. I let it sit for a couple of months while looking at options. Then on a whim I booted up on Disk Warrior, again, ran the director repair, and presto; was able to start up completely and run. No more problems like that since(1 month), but the heating up even under moderate work load is significant.

Is there a fix or a maintenance process

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National Coffee Day was on Tuesday and, as with most other major coffee chains in the U.S., Starbucks was offering a special promotion. This deal, unfortunately, seemed to be too much for the company’s app, with many users taking to social media to complain about issues had when ordering.

To celebrate the occasion, Starbucks was offering a free grande drink reward for any customer that ordered a grande or venti “handcrafted beverage” (aka, lattes, macchiatos, and other such items) through the mobile app on Tuesday. Once the lunch rush hit, however, reports started to flood in about issues with the app, including the inability to choose a location for pickup.

While not acknowledged by most official Starbucks Twitter account, the customer service page did respond to at least one user about the problem.

“We are currently working on fixing the issue and do not have a resolution when it will

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