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Years ago people of one country had to communicate with another country through analog telephones, fax and hand-written letters which was time consuming. With the advent of much newer technologies, it is possible now to correspond with one another conveniently and happily. The article focuses on this aspect. So read on to find out.

Solving world problems involves people. And they can use the technologies of cell phone, email and Skype to correspond, hold conversations and come to an agreement or solution.

With cell phones you can share your opinions in short and let each other know your point of views on a topic. Later you can go on Skype, going in more details. You can pursue the follow-ups of your conversations through email.

You can add people in a group on Skype; so can you can form a group in an email account such as Gmail. You can add … Read More

A 9 X9 SUDOKU puzzle has the following rules. Every row and column should have the numbers between 1 and 9 and each of the inner boxes should have the numbers between 1 and 9. Each number in every column and row and in every small box should occur only once.

Let us just define Xijk for all values of I, j and k from 1 to 9 to be 1. If the cell (I,j) contains the number k where I, j and k all range between 1 and 9. Here I denotes the ith row and j denotes the jth column and k denotes an integer between 1 and 9. When X134 = 1, it means that the cell (1,3) contains the number 4. This would also imply that none of the other elements of the 1st row or the 3rd column except the cell (1,3) can be equal … Read More