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Any time a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is announced, one of the first things people ask isn’t how the fighter plays. Instead, people demand to know what the ever-gluttonous Kirby will look like once he inhales them and copies the new character’s power. And so, shortly after Minecraft Steve’s Smash Bros. reveal, screenshots of what seemed to be a blocky Kirby started going viral.

© Image: Nintendo via Jory Satana

Here’s the bad news. It’s not real. The images floating around right now all seem to hail from a two-year-old Wii U mod made by Jory Satana that adds a more pointy version of our puffball to the platform fighter. Already, there’s a comment under the mod posted on Thursday that reads, “well, sakurai did it.”

Despite this sad truth, the internet’s gears are in hyperdrive. Many are expressing love for “Minecraft Kirby,” or drawing up fan art

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