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  • While the polls suggest a blue wave victory is in reach for Democrats this November, the stock market isn’t so sure, according to a note from Evercore ISI.
  • Wall Street strategists have been forecasting that a blue wave would likely be positive for stocks on hopes of a large stimulus deal shortly after the election, which would help spur a surge in value and cyclical stocks.
  • But this week’s rotation out of value and into tech suggests that chances of a blue wave in November are less likely, according to the note.
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Wall Street is increasingly expecting a blue wave victory for Democrats this November after the polls close, which would likely lead to the reflation trade: a surge in cyclical and value stocks at the expense of technology and growth stocks.

But recent trading activity in the stock market suggests

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  • Goldman Sachs’ Abby Joseph Cohen told Bloomberg on Thursday that markets could see “considerable downside” before the election due to factors that financial models aren’t picking up. 
  • These factors include the outcome of the election and what Congress and the president will do next before election day, Cohen said. 
  • The senior investment strategist added that the market is vulnerable to volatility and disappointment given the”wide gaps” in the relative valuation of stocks.

Goldman Sachs’ Abby Joseph Cohen told Bloomberg on Thursday that markets could soon see “considerable downside” based on factors that financial models cannot predict.

What Congress will do next, what the president will say, and how the election will end cannot be forecasted by modeling, the senior investment strategist said.

“Those of us who have lived our professional lives really focusing in on the math, I think should feel very humble right now,” Cohen said.

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Grosche Moka Pot Review 2020 | The Strategist

September 26, 2020 | gadget | No Comments

Photo-Illustration: retailer

It started with my friend Alex, whom I met at a food conference in Philly in 2019. We began following each other on Instagram, and that’s where he introduced me to the wonders of the moka pot. It wasn’t as if I’d never seen one — go anywhere in Europe or Latin America and you’ll see them around — but I’d never actually observed one in action.

In Alex’s clip, a slow, steady stream of dark-brown liquid gold flowed through a narrow spout and cascaded into the prismatic silver pot. He set the video to music, though I can’t recall the song, and I thought to myself, I’ve never seen something so beautiful. A week later, a moka pot arrived at my desk as part of a PR

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