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After nearly two decades as one of Silicon Valley’s most closely guarded companies, data mining company Palantir Technologies finally went public on Wednesday in an unusual direct listing process.  After an expected delayed first trade, Palantir opened at 1:40 pm Eastern trading at $10 a share, up from the $7.25 reference price the company set on Tuesday night. It hit $11 at 1:50PM Eastern.

In a direct listing, the company does not raise funds for itself. Instead, existing shareholders get a chance to sell.  

Controversial investor Peter Thiel, who cofounded Palantir in 2003 and bankrolled the company in its early years, will be the biggest winner today as company chairman and its largest individual shareholder. 

Thiel and three investment firms he founded, Founders Fund, Clarium Capital and Mithril Capital, owned a total of 17.7% of the company before the

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This week: Palantir’s long path and the omnipresence of Peter Thiel

Today is the day that Palantir begins trading as a public company. The Big Data company’s Wall Street debut will be closely watched as a barometer for direct listings and for the broader tech rally.

You might already know that Palantir has been around for a long time — since 2003. The internet looked a lot different then, and while the stock market will provide one important way to measure Palantir’s worth since, its own history over the past 17 years provides a fascinating look into the tangled, interconnected layers of the internet. 

  • Palantir was founded by Peter Thiel and others in
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