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triller, what isWith Tik Tok’s future uncertain, the search is on for the next great social media sharing app, and Triller is in contention for the crown. Loved by countless celebrities and influencers, and with rapidly rising user numbers, Triller is poised to make a major dent in the world of social media. Positioned as a more mature, music-focused version of Tik Tok’s hugely successful video app concept, it might just be the right app at the right time for anyone looking to expand their social media footprints.

What is Triller?

Originally launched in 2015 as a music video app, Triller lets you create short videos of yourself singing along to a song. Dubbed a “social video” platform, Triller has advanced, intelligent editing features that let you effortlessly craft professional-looking clips. Unlike TikTok, Triller’s interface is separated into two sections, Music and Social. In the beginning, Triller simply offered a new way

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