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Is Your Website Really Getting You Traction?

September 30, 2020 | website | No Comments

By James Guldan, CEO at Vision Tech Team. He designs, builds and improves scalable automated marketing funnels for 7- to 8-figure online businesses.

Your website’s main purpose should be to tell potential customers how your product or service can help make their lives easier. However, most people build their website as a monument to their company.

Nobody wants to hear that your company was built in 1818 by your great-grandparents. What they want to hear is that you understand their problem, and you have the solution for it.

Over the last 10 years of building websites, I have learned six critical principles for getting traction with a website. 

1. Focus on the customer.

It’s far too easy to talk about your mission, your core values or any number of things a customer doesn’t really care about; only you do.

Do not include an “About Us” on your homepage

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