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Illustration for article titled PlayStation Trophies Are Getting A Refresh Before They Move Over To PS5

Screenshot: Sony

Sony announced it’s expanding the number of trophy levels and changing how they’re calculated ahead of the release of the PS5.

Currently, PlayStation Network users have a level from one to 100 based on the total number of trophies they’ve collected while playing games on the platform. Starting later today that will change, with everyone being moved over to a new 1,000 level scale. For example, if your current level is 12, via Sony’s peculiar inflation your new level will end up somewhere in the 200s. In addition, each 100 levels will be associated with a different trophy icon ranging from a small bronze to a giant gold and eventually, upon hitting level 999, a platinum.


Screenshot: Sony

More significantly, Sony says it’s changed some of the math behind how these new trophy levels are calculated. “Players will progress quicker through the early levels, and levels

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