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A number of people wondered whether this was a function of the medications Trump has been taking to treat his coronavirus infection. He’s on a corticosteroid called dexamethasone, for example, the side effects of which include manic episodes. Was Trump’s seeming hyperactivity on Twitter a function of the medications coursing through his veins?

Maybe. But it was probably just Trump.

Trump has long been a fairly energetic tweeter. Of the more than 54,000 tweets he’s written or retweeted since May 2009, only 13,000 were the only tweets sent within a 60-minute period, according to data provided to The Washington Post by Factba.se. On average, a Trump tweet or retweet is one of 5.4 that he offers in the same 60-minute period. On Tuesday, he hit a peak of 30 tweets in a 60-minute period, which is a lot — but it’s also something that can be said of nearly 100

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