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How to Unclog Your Computer

May 3, 2020 | computer | No Comments

I have been working on a lot of computers lately and one of the things that I notice the most is that there are programs still on the computer that are no longer needed.

Some of the new computers have a lot of demo software on there for the customer to try. If they like it, they have an option to buy it. If they do not like it, or even tried it, the computer still has to store the program and all of the related files.

In addition, many times parents will buy education software for their kids. The kids are now 9-10 years old, but the software that was bought for the 3-4 year old still remains on the computer.

Another example is AOL. Some people have started off using AOL, then they decided to go to cable modem, DSL, FIOS and the no longer use AOL. Even though they do not use … Read More