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The Useless Website

May 3, 2020 | website | No Comments

The Useless Websites List

Not in the mood for randomness?

Do you like to be in control? Or do you want to visit a specific useless website?

No worries, you can browse and click on the links you want.


Look a dead fly!

Drunk Ron Swanson

Talk to my ass

I can’t sleep

The end of the internet


Screaming goat piano

Shame bell

8 bit dance

Colour squares

Secrets for nicotine


Salmon of Capistrano

More cowbell

Buzzy Buzz

Build Shruggie

Pls pet Doge

Opposite of poop

Boohbah zone

Instant ostrich


Cute roulette

Infinite frogs

Agitated Chicken

www dot com

Ducks are the best

Grandpa no clothes

Poop bike

What do I need

Thanks Obama

Retro lamp

Dumb calculator

Interactive triangualation

Death note type game

Successful Troll


Flight of the Hamsters

Know Your Destiny

Virtual Stapler

Game music

Tunnel Snakes

Annoying dog

Blue ball machine

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