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Zero Networks is shutting down network access with a new category of endpoint protection

Zero Networks (www.zeronetworks.com), the pioneer in automating self-service least privilege networking, announced it has been recognized in the list of 2020 “Cool Vendors in Network and Endpoint Security” report by leading research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc.

“To get this kind of recognition within the first year of launching can only be described as cool!” said Benny Lakunishok, co-founder and CEO of Zero Networks. “To us, the acknowledgement is a testimony to our groundbreaking approach. Finally, organizations have the ability to tackle excessive network access and minimize their risks with the click of a button, by allowing users and machines to only access what they need, and nothing more.”

According to the report, “Attackers are getting more sophisticated. Originally it was files that got infected with viruses, then individual machines got infected with trojans and backdoors.

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Akhilesh Agarwal is the Senior Vice President of Global Business Partner Technology Solutions at apexanalytix.

Few business assets have more untapped potential than our vendor masters.

Imagine what would happen if hundreds or thousands of your supplier records were complete and up to date. What if this master data was free of duplicates and other errors? What if all of your vendor records were protected from fraudulent entries?

The improvement would be immediate. A clean, reliable and common dataset for all vendors enables you to make better sourcing decisions and eliminates fraud, fines and errors. Generally, it creates a more efficient sourcing operation.

Effective master data management (MDM) is a hallmark of growing businesses — poor data quality is no longer sustainable. Fortunately, new, automated strategies can help you get started and improve the ROI of MDM in your organization.

MDM Best Practices

Many businesses struggle with the

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Beenu Arora is the CEO of Cyble Inc, a SaaS-based solution offering cybercrime & deepweb intelligence and third-party security scoring.

Cybersecurity readiness has many benefits, but unless it is complemented with the right controls, that knowledge won’t stop malicious characters from breaching an organization’s security walls. According to a 2019 Juniper Research report, the cost of data breaches is forecast to rise from $3 trillion each year to $5 trillion by 2024. This is particularly important for large organizations that rely on third-party services to conduct their core operations. A 2018 study by Opus and Ponemon Institute found that almost 60% of companies experienced a data breach linked to a third-party vendor.

For example, in 2019, Quest Diagnostics announced the breach of 11.9 million patients’ information through its third-party bill collections agency. A more recent example comes from digital banking provider Dave, which in July disclosed a breach

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SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Tyler Technologies TYL.N, whose products are used by U.S. states and counties to share election data, said on Wednesday that an unknown party had hacked its internal systems.

Instructions are posted inside a voting booth at an early voting site in Arlington, Virginia, U.S., September 18, 2020. REUTERS/Al Drago

Tyler, whose platforms are used by elections officials to display voting results, among other tasks, confirmed the breach in an email to Reuters after warning clients in an email earlier in the day.

Tyler Technologies said in both emails it did not believe clients’ software had been breached.

The company, a major provider of emergency management and other programs to U.S. counties and municipalities, told Reuters in its email that it was working to restore its systems and had notified law enforcement. The company did not say whether there had been a ransomware demand or how

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