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DHS S&T’s Technology Transfer and Commercialization Program serves as the centralized point to manage transition activities throughout DHS and the DHS laboratory network. Technologies developed and evaluated within the department can have tremendous potential for commercial applications throughout the nation, enhance the competitiveness of individual small businesses, and expand areas of exploration and cooperation for all non-federal partners.


To accomplish its mission, Technology Transfer and Commercialization:

  • Serves as the focal point for the department on technology transfer policy
  • Manages various Technology Transfer Mechanisms to promote the transfer and/or exchange of technology with industry, state and local governments, academia and other federal agencies
  • Assists laboratories in conducting research and development (R&D) for technology that can be transferred in support of the department’s mission
  • Establishes partnerships to transfer cutting-edge technology to the nation’s marketplace
  • Prepares assessments for selected R&D projects that may have commercial applications
  • Provides and disseminates information of federally owned or originated products, processes or services that have potential application to state and local government or to private industry
  • Participates in regional, state and local programs designed to facilitate or stimulate the transfer of technology for the benefit of the regional, state and local jurisdiction of DHS laboratories

Partnering with our Laboratories

The Technology Transfer program manager works closely with each laboratory on technology transfer matters. Read more about DHS laboratories.

Partnership Intermediaries

DHS has entered into partnership intermediary agreements with the purpose of:

  • Identifying new technologies in the private sector that can be used by DHS.
  • Facilitating joint projects between DHS and private companies, as well as between federal agencies and academic institutions, in order to accelerate the delivery of technological capabilities to the nation.

The Technology Transfer and Commercialization manager works closely with partnership intermediaries. Read more about partnership intermediaries.

DHS Technologies Available for Licensing

If you are interested in learning about DHS technologies that are available for licensing opportunities, please contact us below.


DHS Technology Transfer and Commercialization at: [email protected]



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