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Los Angeles, California is famous for Hollywood, it’s pleasant Mediterranean climate, and for being the second-most populous city in the United States, but soon it may also be famous for making broadband a city utility.

Right now, the city owns a network of fiber optic cables that run through almost every neighborhood but hasn’t tapped into that network’s full potential. Could LA become one of the first cities with 100% fiber coverage and gigabit speeds for all? Only time will tell! For now, the internet providers in Los Angeles deliver speeds of about 37 Mbps, which is somewhat slower than the national average.

The Technology Used by Internet Providers in Los Angeles

The internet providers in Los Angeles deliver different types of broadband signals to customers in different neighborhoods. Discrepancies in availability are typically due to the existence (or non-existence) of specific types of infrastructure. While most residents and business owners in LA do have the option of choosing between DSL (which uses copper phone lines to deliver an internet signal) and cable (which uses coaxial cable TV lines to deliver a broadband signal), some areas may not be wired for one or the other. As noted above, virtually the entire city could be wired for fiber broadband (which uses bundles of tiny glass filaments to deliver a highly stable and lightning fast signal), but that doesn’t mean that fiber broadband packages are available in all neighborhoods.

The Internet Providers in Los Angeles

Nearly all Los Angeles residents are serviced by multiple wired broadband providers, though the city itself is largely serviced by two providers: AT&T and Charter Spectrum. These two companies serve the most neighborhoods, but they’re not the only internet providers in Los Angeles. Customers in certain areas can choose Xfinity, Cox Communications, or Frontier. As for which of these broadband internet providers is best for your household, the answer will depend on what you’re looking for in an ISP.

As noted above, AT&T and Spectrum serve the most areas. AT&T and Frontier both offer fiber internet, so if speed is important to you then check out their plans. Frontier has one of the most budget-friendly internet-only plans, starting at just $19.99, and they specialize in no-contract plans. Finally, Charter Spectrum offers plans with no data caps, which is useful for customers who work from home or have large households.

Free Citywide Fiber Internet in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is hoping to become one of the first cities to provide fiber internet to all of its residents and businesses for free. The first step in this ambitious plan is to roll out free city-wide broadband that hits 5 Mbps with paid access to gigabit broadband before launching a free fiber broadband program. To make it happen, LA is looking for vendors who will provide citywide fiber internet access as a promotional vehicle for courting paying cellular service, TV, and data center hosting customers.

How to Choose Between Internet Providers in Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles, you probably have plenty of ISPs and plans to choose from. The most important thing you can do when comparing broadband providers is researching their pricing and terms using an unbiased source like BroadbandSearch.

That’s where you can find regularly updated information about packages, speeds, and prices – without running up against special promotions or limited time only deals. With that data at your fingertips plus input from neighbors and friends who’ve dealt with the internet providers in Los Angeles, you’ll have all the info you need to make a smart choice.

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