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May 9, 2020 | seo | No Comments

How do I know this works? …Strategic, proven SEO content methodology and training = more SEO content success

When I started seven years ago, I was a lousy content writer. But today, I can sit down create an SEO content piece from start to finish, and be positive my content will SUCCEED. Knowing that I’ll end up with a successful piece of SEO content isn’t a guessing game.

It happens because I’ve done the work. I know how to research the right keywords, accurately optimize my content with that keyword, and write comprehensively.

I’ve taken the time and care to write correct content around my keyword.

The rankings we achieve from this SEO content don’t happen overnight. But I track them continually, so I KNOW these organic Google rankings add new pathways for leads and sales to come our way, every day.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the same systems, templates and knowledge I use to create this type of powerhouse SEO content right at YOUR fingertips?

Before I was writing for my clients, I was writing SEO content for my brand. Today, content is still our #1 reason for growth.

I’ve authored more than 1,000 blogs in the past seven years earning over 16,000 organic SEO keyword rankings in Google.

Take a look at this chart. It shows our rankings vs. our top competitors’. If you compare our self-funded site’s rankings against our biggest competitor — who has millions of dollars in funding — you’ll see our site is 4% more visible in Google’s search rankings than theirs:

This incredible ranking power is all due to the power of great SEO content! These rankings, were we to pay for them in Google Adwords instead of ranking organically in Google’s results, would cost us tens of thousands of dollars each month.

My team and I have been able to replicate this kind of SEO content success for many of our agency clients by using the skills I teach in this class.

These concepts work, and I can’t wait to teach them to you!

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