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The Internet Jungle Book

May 4, 2020 | internet | No Comments

The internet is like a vast jungle full of social media trees and interesting inhabitants, such as web surfers, social media harvesters, and the dreadful trolls.

This jungle has many kings, each having his own lion’s share of the territory. Aspiring ‘cubs’ aim to become like them someday, when their business will be roaring loud and the fruit of the trees will be dropped at their paws. Others may be a little weary, seeing this jungle as a dangerous place that may throw unexpected challenges at them. It is indeed a harsh place, and sometimes it’s quite a competition out there when the kings begin to challenge each other in order to get the most attention.

Beginner entrepreneurs may wonder how to dominate territories in this complex jungle. They may even wonder why they need to do so. The answer is pretty simple: the internet is the best medium to get a company’s voice across the land!

It is no longer efficient to rely on ads placed on the streets and on word of mouth. The digital era has made things easier, but it has also taken many potential clients of the offline businesses away. People who used to read the newspaper or take a walk are now more interested in what the internet has to offer them. This means they may not buy newspapers anymore since they can easily get their news online for free. They are also less likely to walk around town, which means that putting ads on fences and lampposts is not as useful as relying on placing ads on websites where people tend to hang out more often in the current era.

Now that speed and technology dominates the world, it’s mandatory for any business to know every corner of the digital jungle and ways to survive in it, communicate with its inhabitants, and reap the fruit of the jungle while facing the competition.

“The Internet Jungle” book by Boris Goldstein brings all you need to know about internet marketing in one objective, smart, and comprehensive guide. Issues that pose a threat to businesses, successful methods that can bring in the trust and money, ways of increasing survival of a company, and many more subjects are untangled in Goldstein’s literary work. It is an invaluable contribution to the development of effective corporate marketing strategy. If you want to be a king of the internet jungle, give this one a read!

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