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Some Of These Items Require Good Mechanical
Please Read Instructions All The Way Through Before Beginning a Project

Maintenance Schedule & Log (Snackman This Page Requires MS Excel or Compatible
Torque Specifications (important!) For the Vulcan 1500 Series
OEM Air Shock Oil Recharge 

Center Stand For Easy Maintenance,
Buy It or Make It (
Philip Pratt
Steering Head Nut Torque Procedure ( Gus
Gustafson, Michel Mass
Steering Bearing Zerk Installation
For Easy Lubrication (
Throttle Position Sensor
Adjustment..The Ultimate Ping Eliminator (
Garry Vander Eyk

Cold Idle Blues Fix ( Bruce

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist, Especially Helpful After Winter Layup (Gadget)
Brake Pad Replacement (Gadget)
Cam Chain Tensioner Extenders ( Tim (Snake) Acree )  
Front Axle Removal and Installation 
Bleed Brake & Clutch Lines The Easy And Inexpensive Way ( Tim Patterson

Oil Screen, The Mysterious Drain Dealers Don’t Seem To Know About
Driveshaft Repair, Solving a Strange
Vibration Problem (
Stripped Oil Plug? No Worries, Here’s The Fix (Uturn)
Gear Case (final drive) Lube Change ( Gadget
Swing Arm Lubrication  (Robert Mayes
Gadget & David Hardy
Add A Grease Fitting For Your Swingarm (Rudi
(Roc Doc) Keifer & David (Sarge) Parsons
Clutch Spring Replacement (when the clutch starts slip, slip, slippin’ away ( Gadget
Lube Your Own Driveshaft (7500, 15,000, 24,000 mile maintenance) (Rudi Keifer)
Rear Tire Removal for Nomad &
Classic 1500/1600 (
Oil Filter Options, A Worthy

Ready, Aim! How To Get Your Motorcycles Headlight Spot On Target (Paul Glaves)
Find Your Main Fuse (The
Search For Hidden Meaning?)
Winterize Your Bike (this, from a guy who lives in San Diego? Nah, this is an “expert”
Level Your Vulcan, The Next Best Thing To a Center Stand (J. Murphy)
Level Your Bike For Oil Level Checks
Safely With Daddo’s Pegleg (
Ron Haidenger
Gas Tank Removal For F.I. Vulcans (Bill Heuermann)
Throttle Body Cleaning…Get Your
Idle Back (
The Fuel Injection System Layout & Troubleshooting (Gadget)
Fuel Filter Replacement for ’01-04
Classic/Nomad (
Quinton Grubbs
The Keihin CVK-40 Carburetor (care and feeding of) ( Redondo Ron )
Coolant Change, a Step by Step How To (Gadget)
Coolant Replacement Options..When Plain Green Won’t Do (Dave Kimmey)
My Fan Stopped Working! Troubleshooting a Troublesome fan ( Gadget )
Solving The ‘Abrupt/Grabby Clutch’ Conundrum ( Tim Duguay )
Fork Oil Change For Cartridge (FI) Type Forks ( Gadget
Change Fork Oil Without Major Disassembly (T-Stan)
Oil Magnet ( Brian Johnston
Battery Tech: More Than You “Ever” Needed To Know About Your Battery (Anton Largiader)
Battery Replacement (Gadget

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