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S01:E01 – Monster Lake

Gadget saves a scientist from Dr. Claw.

S01:E02 – Down On The Farm

Gadget seeks lost explorers in Malaysia.

S01:E03 – Gadget At The Circus

M.A.D. tries to destroy a circus.

S01:E04 – The Amazon

Dr. Claw tries to kidnap Professor Von Slicksfein.

S01:E05 – Health Spa

Gadget vacations at a health spa.

S01:E06 – The Boat

A jewelry heist on a luxury liner.

S01:E07 – Haunted Castle

A crime fighter’s convention.

S01:E08 – Race To The Finish

Dr. Claw plans to win a million-dollar prize.

S01:E09 – The Ruby

Dr. Claw steals the ruby of India.

S01:E10 – A Star Is Lost

Gadget guards a famous rock star.

S01:E11 – All That Glitters

Gadget and Penny uncover a gold temple.

S01:E12 – Movie Set

Gadget protects military secrets.

S01:E13 – Amusement Park

A bomb is hidden in an amusement park.

S01:E14 – Art Heist

Dr. Claw attempts to steal art treasures.

S01:E15 – Volcano Island (Gadget Goes Hawaiian)

Vacationing on a tropical island.

S01:E16 – The Invasion

M.A.D. agents pose as Martians.

S01:E17 – The Infiltration

A M.A.D. agent impersonates Gadget.

S01:E18 – The Curse Of The Pharaoh (Poot-Ta-Foot’S Curse)

Gadget must protect the Poot-Ta-Foot’s treasure.

S01:E19 – Mad Trap

Dr. Claw sets a trap for Gadget.

S01:E20 – Basic Training

Gadget must rescue secret computer parts.

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