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Welcome to our new site. Use the
Expressway Signs above or the Navigation links on the left to get to your destinations on the

Internet Expressway is proud to offer you

high speed internet services at great rates!

This is NOT the expensive, poor performing satellite services you may have heard of. This is high speed terrestrial based microwave communications services. And it is now available to you!

We have a
GREAT new product for ALL internet users. RapidLoader
can speed up your dialup or broadband connection
with amazing results. Webpages with text download up to
25x faster and images up to 6x faster with RapidLoader.
What does it take to get a broadband-like connection
over a dialup?

Click here for more information.

Already have RapidLoader?

Existing users can re-download RapidLoader

Take a few minutes to explore and
have fun.

Any questions check our
. If you don’t find your answer there, email us at
[email protected]



If you want to set
up a new Internet Expressway connection, or have any
problems with your existing connection, you can find
complete support online through the following pages or
by following the contact link to get in touch
with one of our representatives.
~Click Here


We support Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux


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