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Even the most powerful skincare ingredients need a boost and this is where beauty gadgets come into play.

Designed to supercharge your routine, from cleansing to masking, these handy little tools have proven to be essential for anyone who wants to get the most out of their products without spending hours in the bathroom.

One of most popular electric tools is FOREO UFO which is equipped with light therapy as well as heating and cooling elements as well as T-Sonic pulsations that help ingredients in a mask absorb efficiently so you can enjoy the benefits of a 20-minute sheet mask in just 90 seconds.

Well two years after it’s release, the Swedish company is stepping it up with the brand new UFO 2. The latest gadget features a full spectrum LED lights, in-app customisable skincare routines and advanced thermo-therapy that delivers heat to skin five times faster than the original.

The premise is the same, the UFO 2 uses heat, cooling and pulsations to help a mask absorb deeper into the skin, offering deeper dermal absorption and a gentle facial massage which provide instantly visible results. The key difference to it’s predecessor is that the newbie five additional technologies making it one of the most advanced skincare gadgets on the market.

Let’s start with the light therapy function. UFO 2 has eight different LED lights that enhance the formula of any UFO Power Activated masks. Each light has it’s own characteristic: purple reduces the appearance of fine lines and boosts radiance; white tightens the appearance of skin and reduces puffiness; green brightens a dull complexion and evens skin tone; orange LED revitalises and awakens skin for a healthy glow; blue reduces the appearance of imperfections; cyan LED calms and relieves stressed skin; yellow reduces redness and soothes skin and finally the red LED diminishes signs of ageing for younger-looking skin.

The cryo-therapy function is ideal for firming up the skin and tackling puffiness, while thermo mode assist the ingredients in the mask to soak deeper into the skin. The upgraded technology inside the UFO 2 ensures that the device delivers heat to skin five times faster than the original UFO and at an optimized temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. The massage function is our favourite as it calms the skin (and the mind) with 10,000 pulsations per minute that help diffuse muscle tension and smooth the appearance of fine lines.

“With the UFO 2 we are giving our customers the power to achieve unbelievable, professional-level results from the comfort of their own homes, saving both time and money,” explains Ryan Saddik, General Manager for MENAT region at FOREO.

Alongside the launch of UFO 2, FOREO will soon launch the UFO mini 2. This features all of the same technologies minus Cryo-Therapy which is exclusive to the UFO 2.

The UFO 2 is available exclusively on

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